DCC instalation and sound

I offer professional sound and DCC decoder instalation into models in H0 and TT scale using custom-designed sets of electronics and loudspeakers. With regard to specialization in the field of custom electronics development, I have a fully equipped ESD-Safe workplace, which guarantees high security against possible damage to sensitive electronic components of decoders, and I … Read more

Customer electronics and PCB design for PicoLoco

Custom development of a completely new generation of PicoLoco travel electronics for the M152.0 model in TT scale. Contracting authority: PicoLocoYear: 2019/2020Model: M152.0 with interface Next18S Scale: TT 1:120 The new set of electronics gets the most of the Next18S interface! The developed electronics enables independent control of headlights, taillights, headlights and passenger compartment lighting. … Read more